A Change of Perspective

It felt ultra frustrating.

I bought some carob powder (a natural chocolate substitute) and put it in the cupboard with the cocoa powder, rolled oats and other baking ingredients. But when I went to use it in a milkshake, it was nowhere to be found.

I can’t tell you how many times I peered into that cupboard looking for that big bag of powder!  The only other place I could imagine was on the counter top – where I last used it.  But no trace of that bag could be found.

Ever been there? You KNOW that you bought something, you remember bringing it into the house, but now it’s disappeared like a leaf in the wind!

I thought about it, I continued to look, I prayed that I would find it – and I determined I would not give up!

Here’s what happened:

I decided to get down to a crouching level to look once again (for the 10th time?) into that cupboard amongst the same powders and sugars I had scanned so many times before.

But wait!  My change in perspective caused my eye to catch a glimpse of a different colored bag that was under the mixer in a bin behind the one in front of the cupboard!  FOUND!!

What are you facing in life that has you frustrated, irritated and puzzled over what has happened?

It’s easy to get “stuck” in looking at a problem or challenge in the same way – and become discouraged that things are not going to work out as you hoped.

But don’t give up! Determine to look at your problem from a different perspective.


There’s a Lesson To Be Learned

To cement this lesson in my mind, I heard Pastor Joel Osteen this evening on TV talking about viewing our problems with a different perspective.  When we face a challenge we can say things like: “It’ll never get any better. I might as well give up. Everything is against me. I’m just spinning my wheels. This cancer is too big for me.”

But saying those things only discourages us and the people around us.

What’s the alternative? Well, we can look at what King David said when he declared that “my enemy is under my feet.” And he said that he would rest until God made his enemy his footstool.


Hope Versus Helpless

When struggles come (and they will), we proclaim the truth. “God’s got this. This is under my feet.”

See how differently you feel when you speak out something like the following: “My child may be running with the wrong crowd right now, but he’s coming back – I claim it!”

“This problem is temporary – I’m going to rest and put my feet up on this problem (it’s under my feet) and as I rest in peacefulness, God will fight for me.”

“I will do all I can to reduce stress in my life and eat as naturally as possible. I will laugh and enjoy every day as my body and immune system fights this cancer or illness. God created my body to function in health and I will enjoy it!”

This is not “pie in the sky by and by” as they say.  We do what we can do, and then God will do what we cannot do.


What Will You Say?

Try this on for size: How do you feel when you speak (or even read) the above negative statements aloud?

How about when you claim the positive hope-filled words for your future?  Speak aloud what you want – not what you see in the natural realm. If you do this consistently, I can guarantee it will change your life!

Did you know that you can block out the entire sun with a small penny?

It’s true – simply put the penny close to your eye as you look up, and the huge sun will be blocked by a cheap piece of metal.

What you focus on will become bigger and bigger. 

It’s a spiritual life principle!

What in your life needs a different perspective? I encourage you to claim everything God has provided for you – reach out in faith and claim what God has purchased for your future!




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