ProVision: A Purposeful and Passionate Vision

Nearly all we do is for the future.

We are future looking folks.

We work hard now for food and money for the future.  We raise our kids with love and discipline so that they can have a better future.  We exercise and eat healthy (sometimes?) so we can look forward to having a healthier body and calmer emotions in the future.

We buy things at the grocery store, or grow our own food, or purchase it online, so we can have something to eat in the future.  We save (or tell ourselves we need to start) so that we will have something for hard times, retirement, recreation, and also so that we can have options in the future.

We encourage one another during tough times and say that things will get better in the future. We exercise our faith and believe that what’s ahead will be better than what is behind us.

Provision gives us hope for the future.

But there’s also another meaning to this blog title that I want you to “see”.  Pro-Vision is not only about things that we HAVE for the future, but the way we actually look towards that future.

And our attitude towards the future is a key component to creating the life we were meant to live.

Vision is “the act or power of seeing”, according to the Medical Dictionary. has the following listed as one meaning of vision: the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be: prophetic vision; the vision of an entrepreneur.

ProVision. A positive vision.  A planned vision.  A purposeful and passionate vision.  A persevering vision – no matter what comes.

I believe we were meant to live as the overcoming, not the overwhelmed.

I invite you to join me in this journey toward our Future ProVision!